Rob Bryant

ASQ World Quality Conference - Rob Bryant
Dr. Bryant speaking to over 4,000 executives (ASQ World Conference) about his business analytics, Guinness World Record, books, and life story.

Rob is a PhD, retired VP, College Professor, Business Analyst, and World Renowned Motivator. He learned to walk again with braces and crutches after a 55’ fall causing paralysis from the waist down. Rob also holds a Guinness World Record for Rowing 3,280 miles from Los Angeles to Washington DC. He is the author of 4 books and retired vice president W/CSC (a Fortune 150 company). Rob spoke to over 500 schools, colleges, churches, organizations, clubs and more. Over 200 newspapers, 100 radio stations, 50 TV stations (including every network) and 25 magazines covered Rob’s story. A complete list is available upon request. Rob has two sons proudly serving as US Marines.

Dr. Bryant’s latest book – Fraud President

After hundreds of hours of exhaustive research into the shortcomings of recent elections, the Fraud President focuses on over 25 nonfiction voting weaknesses within battleground states. This is a page-turning fictional thriller taking readers through murder, romance, intrigue, mystery and suspense. While the main characters and the storyline are fictitious; Fraud President is based upon actual events, current voter fraud methods, court cases and news reports. Unfortunately, the official state election laws increase voter fraud, and what is worse, by design is virtually undetectable! However, this book reveals them in detail. Can it be stopped – read the book and find out!

Dr. Bryant is now speaking about his latest book, Fraud President. Speech includes:

      • Details about the over 20 Voter Fraud Methods
      • Each method is defined, includes the US States affected, delineates the problem, and includes potential solutions.
      • Please contact Dr. Bryant to schedule your event. Contact Dr. Bryant

Zig Ziglar:

“Rob Bryant is an effective speaker! He had our staff laughing one minute and crying the next. He is an inspirational man who, by example as well as a very effective presentation, is able to give encouragement and hope to those who have the privilege of listening to him. He will be a ‘hit’ with your group. Rob’s message is timely and challenging – one that you will long remember. Rob has a champion’s heart and is an encouragement and inspiration to us all.”