Books – John Jacobson

This is the second book in a series. The first book, Pseudo President, is being published now by Black Rose.  I’ll seek a publisher for John Jacobson soon.

John Jacobson: Readers will be spellbound with thrills, romance, intrigue, suspense, military exploits, family devotion, and fatherly love woven throughout this novel.  John Jacobson, an aerospace engineer and former Marine, whose company implants an electronic device on a military aircraft intended to interfere with a competitor’s onboard protection system thereby making it look defective to promote their own new product to replace it. Unfortunately, things go terribly wrong, a mid-air aircraft crash resulting in the death of several military and civilians occurs, and the company frames John.   An intertwining storyline about John’s past maintains reader engagement.  Authorities suspect John’s father of killing John’s mother and young sister, when he was just six years old; and a note left at the scene that the “boy” would be next.  Unbeknownst to John, his father stalks him throughout his life. John falls in love with a woman who seems to know something about his past as well as the plot frame John.  John’s US Marine best friend Mike appears throughout to help him when he gets into trouble.  Readers take a roller coaster ride from one mystery to another that culminate in a sensational trial with overwhelming evidence.  The reader won’t know what to believe until the final chapter.  This book is complete and contains six parts, 37 chapters, 385 pages, and 121,500 words.  A US Marine pilot and a professional editor reviewed the book.  Readers will want more, so I’m writing the next book based on the same central characters.  The markets for this book are readers who read classics such as: The Bourne Identity, by Robert Ludlum, The DaVinci Code, by Dan Brown; and Blood Line, by John Davis.  More recent books in the same market are: Scorpion, by Ross Sidor, and Cross Justice, by James Patterson.

Mystery 2