Books – Pseudo President by Rob Bryant

Pseudo President full cover Pseudo President, Black Rose Publishing, May 2019: The Pseudo President, is a fictional thriller taking readers through murder, romance, intrigue, mystery and suspense. The main characters and storyline are fictitious but based upon actual events. America’s dubious view of recent elections has a solid basis. This book contains exhaustive research of current voter fraud techniques. Many current state election laws increase voter fraud, and it’s virtually undetectable! Can it be stopped – read the book and find out!

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The Pseudo President is a fiction page-turner. The main character is a former Special Operations US Marine whose training saves his life several times. The story begins two years before a presidential election. The text provides enough detail to google the actual events. You won’t know what to believe until the final chapter. The ironic ending depicts poetic justice.

Barbara Bush: “I am so glad to have this opportunity to send my warmest greetings and congratulations to Rob and Wanice Bryant. Rob’s determination certainly is an enormous inspiration. George joins me in sending our very best wishes.”


This book is the result of hundreds of research hours, incorporating information found in government web sites, articles, descriptions, demonstrations, videos, and media reports. The voter fraud methods described include:
1. Lack of voter ID,
2. Non-paper-based voting-machines,
3. Computer virus,
4. Misuse of ballots such as: Proxy, Provisional, Absentee and Early
5. Voting more than once: Multiple voting, Ballot box stuffing, Voter impersonation, Ballot harvesting, Voting for inactive voters
6. Ineligible voting: Unregistered voters, Felon voting, Refugee voting, Illegal alien voting
7. Destruction or invalidation of legitimate ballots,
8. Attacks on polling places,
9. Vote buying,
10. Creation of misleading and/or confusing ballots,
11. Media/political misinformation to confuse voters,
12. Vote manipulation of the blind, the mentally disabled, elderly, inebriated and other groups incapable of making informed choices.
13. Voter suppression,
14. Politicians moving precinct boundaries to their benefit.

You can Pre-Order the book now!