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Pseudo President full cover Pseudo President, Black Rose Publishing, May 2019: The Pseudo President, is a fictional thriller taking readers through murder, romance, intrigue, mystery and suspense. The main characters and storyline are fictitious but based upon actual events. America’s dubious view of recent elections has a solid basis. This book contains exhaustive research of current voter fraud techniques. Many current state election laws increase voter fraud, and it’s virtually undetectable! Can it be stopped – read the book and find out!

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The Pseudo President is a fiction page-turner. The main character is a former Special Operations US Marine whose training saves his life several times. The story begins two years before a presidential election. The text provides enough detail to google the actual events. You won’t know what to believe until the final chapter. The ironic ending depicts poetic justice.

Barbara Bush: “I am so glad to have this opportunity to send my warmest greetings and congratulations to Rob and Wanice Bryant. Rob’s determination certainly is an enormous inspiration. George joins me in sending our very best wishes.”


This book is the result of hundreds of research hours, incorporating information found in government web sites, articles, descriptions, demonstrations, videos, and media reports. The voter fraud methods described include:
1. Lack of voter ID,
2. Non-paper-based voting-machines,
3. Computer virus,
4. Misuse of ballots such as: Proxy, Provisional, Absentee and Early
5. Voting more than once: Multiple voting, Ballot box stuffing, Voter impersonation, Ballot harvesting, Voting for inactive voters
6. Ineligible voting: Unregistered voters, Felon voting, Refugee voting, Illegal alien voting
7. Destruction or invalidation of legitimate ballots,
8. Attacks on polling places,
9. Vote buying,
10. Creation of misleading and/or confusing ballots,
11. Media/political misinformation to confuse voters,
12. Vote manipulation of the blind, the mentally disabled, elderly, inebriated and other groups incapable of making informed choices.
13. Voter suppression,
14. Politicians moving precinct boundaries to their benefit.

You can Pre-Order the book now!

Professional Book Review by Reagan Rothe: Pseudo President: The Cyber Voting Fraud Scandal by Rob Bryant is a fictional tale of an election that is fraught with a high amount of fraud, a lot of unscrupulous politicians, a few murders, a blossoming love affair and a disturbing discourse of how fragile our election system is. The novel tells the story of the campaign of a fictional Senator Jeffrey Adams who is running for President of the United States. He has a dirty tricks team that will do whatever is necessary to get him elected as President. It is obvious in reading Bryant’s novel that he has done a great deal of sleuthing and research to make sure his various fraud scenarios are authentic and have been or are still being used to skew election results in the United States. Bryant provides a plethora of actual methods that are used to alter or skew real election results. With perhaps one of the most heated Presidential elections on the horizon, this novel becomes a perfect book to get immersed into to understand better the many failures that can happen during and after an election.
In Pseudo President, the protagonist is a former US Marine officer named John Jacobson, who as a civilian is an engineer with a Fort Worth, Texas company called Pseudomic. Jacobson is not a meek, mild-mannered engineer but a well-built guy who is referred to as the “frickin’ Giant Killer’ Jacobson” by his friends. John’s lady is an FBI agent, Joie August, who becomes very involved in the criminal investigation of alleged improprieties in the presidential elections. Gavin Principle is the main dirty tricks man who is managed by an equally malevolent woman named Scarlett Schuller. They have enlisted others to help them with their election manipulations even a notorious criminal element called the Hilton Boys who were believed to have orchestrated multiple assassinations to assure political victories for Senator Adams. Bryant also introduces an Iranian element into the novel that uses drones and other modern conveniences to conduct its espionage and dirty business to interfere in the Presidential election.
While all this is going on Jacobson and Joie are planning their upcoming wedding. John Jacobson meets Joie’s mother and finds her to be a very acerbic individual who appears to dislike him immensely. Joie’s father is deceased, so it is just her mother that John needs to win over. Can he?
As you read Bryant’s novel, you’ll probably find yourself wishing that what he had written was purely fictional, but unfortunately, the majority of the voting fraud scenarios discussed are factual. It is depressing that our country has these major flaws in our election process. Pseudo President is an excellent book that both entertains and educates at the same time. Concerned citizens and voters looking to better inform themselves on the mechanisms that define political campaigns may want to spend some time away from the television and the blogosphere, and inside the pages of Pseudo President. It is a book that, because of its factuality, depth of insight and relevance, offers an education far beyond what typically passes for analysis and commentary during the political Super Bowl. Rob Bryant has penned a great novel that is perfect for book clubs to read and debate because there is a lot to address.