Books – Fraud President by Dr. Rob Bryant

Bryant is now speaking about his latest book, Fraud President. Speech includes:

      • Details about the over 20 Voter Fraud Methods
      • Each method is defined, includes the US States affected, delineates the problem, and includes potential solutions.
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After hundreds of hours of exhaustive research into the shortcomings of recent elections, the Fraud President focuses on over 20 nonfiction voting weaknesses within battleground states. This is a page-turning fictional thriller taking readers through murder, romance, intrigue, mystery and suspense. While the main characters and the storyline are fictitious; Fraud President is based upon actual events, current voter fraud methods, court cases and news reports. Unfortunately, the official state election laws increase voter fraud, and what is worse, by design is virtually undetectable! However, this book reveals them in detail. Can it be stopped – read the book and find out!

The main character is a former Special Operations US Marine whose training saves his life several times. The story begins two years before a presidential election. The text provides enough detail to google the actual events. You won’t know what to believe until the final chapter. The ironic ending depicts poetic justice.

Dr. Rob Bryant discovered over 20 current voter-fraud techniques currently used in US elections! This study includes all US states; however, it focuses upon Battleground (BG) states. Many state-election-laws and policies increase, encourage, and even protect voter-fraud.

The information below appears in official state-voting-law web sites, journals, verified web sites, videos, litigations and media reports.

The Voter-Fraud methods discussed include:
      1. Lack of Voter ID
      2. Non-paper-based voting-machines
      3. Computer viruses

Misuse of ballots such as:

      1. Mail-In
      2. Provisional
      3. Absentee
      4. Early
      5. Proxy
      6. Ballot box stuffing
      7. Ballot harvesting
      8. Voting for inactive voters
      9. Voting in more than one state
      10. Voter impersonation
      11. Unregistered voters

Other Voter Fraud Methods:

      1. Destruction or invalidation of legitimate ballots
      2. Organized attacks on polling places
      3. Vote buying
      4. Creation of misleading and/or confusing ballots
      5. Media/political misinformation to confuse voters
      6. Vote manipulation of protected groups
      7. Voter suppression
      8. Politicians moving precinct boundaries to their benefit

The Fraud President is available on Amazon, Defiance Press and many bookstores/outlets.