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As a PhD, Rob Bryant is familiar with intense primary and secondary research to find answers.  After almost 1,000 hours of investigative study, Dr. Bryant discovered over 25 current voter-fraud techniques currently used in US elections! Therefore, America’s dubious view of recent elections has a solid basis. This study includes all US states, with special focus upon Battleground (BG) states.  Many state-election-laws and policies increase, encourage, and even protect voter-fraud.

The Pseudo President, published by Black Rose, May 30, 2019, by Dr. Rob Bryant.  Dr. Bryant is available for interviews to explain each voter-fraud technique above.  See a YouTube Video, my Web-Site and/or take a Voter-Fraud Survey

The first topic is Voter ID.

Lack of Voter ID:

Many states do not require a Photo ID, and some no ID at all.  Therefore, voters may vote multiple times through the methods below. All states provide various forms of ID (DL, SS, Passport, birth cert, DOD) and many provide free state ID at the DMV.  This negates the reason for the no voter-ID argument.  ID is required by retail establishments, so why not when voting?  Although three BG states (see table below) do not require any ID, there are now 16 states! Only 17 currently require photo ID. See the table below:

The link to Voter ID Requirements by state can be found below.  How can we say we can prove the election process is valid?  In many states we have no idea who really voted or how often!

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