Books – Walking Through Adversity

Walking Through Adversity - Rob BryantWalking Through Adversity: One split second forever changed the course of Rob Bryant’s life. He went to work a healthy Christian, husband and father, and was airlifted away on the edge of death, paralyzed from the waist down after falling fifty-five feet during a routine procedure. He has since learned that his fate was not an accident, but a fall to grace; that this turning point was not the end of his life, but the beginning of a new one—a path that would test his mettle, earn him two world records and lead him on a closer walk with God.

Defying doctors’ dire predictions that walking was impossible, he triumphed by setting one world record for walking twenty-four miles with braces and crutches and a Guinness World Record for rowing 3,280 miles across America—a 119-day odyssey where he braved 1,200 miles of desert, 60-mile headwinds, mountainous terrain, a terrible crash and a massive kidney infection.

Bryant shares his personal journey—his grueling “walk back” from adversity—his emotional and physical battles; his struggle to accept the situation; his family’s courage to create a new life; and why he gives God the glory for enabling him to attain his goals.

You’ll discover seven steps that everyone can use to overcome their own personal challenges and the goal-setting techniques that culminated in Bryant’s miraculous accomplishments. He explains: “I can sit in my wheelchair and feel sorry for myself, or I can concentrate on the things that God has given me the ability to do, and do them well. God has given me a brain and two strong arms to use, and I plan on going as far as my imagination and determination will carry me.” Let him show you how to make your God-given dreams come true.

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