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$weet $pots of Project $uccess: Millions of business books sell per year to business leaders, executives; and those who want to be.  Airport book stores, local/chain book stores, and libraries are loaded with them.  The recession increased the sales of business books to ascertain methods to increase efficiency, performance, and profits.  Readers seek business books addressing organizational challenges, written by qualified authors that assist in solving them.  Projects not achieving their intended outcomes represent annual losses of billions of dollars (Lientz & Larsen, 2006). $weet $pot$ of Project $ucce$$meets a need for those seeking project success through statistically significant, quantitative, validated data on the topics of management, leadership, and incentivizing employees.  The book includes a dissertation data-collection study and achieves internal validity.  However, since it includes findings in almost 100 peer-reviewed, validated academic, and industrial studies, it indicates external validity.  Therefore, the findings likely apply to most US industries, and organizations.   This book contains 175 pages, almost 50,000 words, 35 tables/figures, and my personal and business experiences.  There are recurring themes of project success and failure.  Without a doubt, many common rationales for project success are motivated employees due to the four variables analyzed.  The $weet $pot$ of Project $ucce$$ contains fascinating statistically significant findings, illustrating the relationship of top management support, project leadership, cash, and non-cash incentives. Demographic tables indicate the findings applying to almost all organizations.  I believe readers will be surprised at the real $weet $pot$ of Project $ucce$$.  Readers can answer survey questions and compare their responses to the survey.  This increases reader interest and marketability.  The markets for this book are readers, businesses and universities that also bought classic business books such as: Leading Change (1996), by John P. Kotter; On Becoming a Leader (1989), by Warren Bennis; Out of the Crisis (1982), by W. Edwards Deming; and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (1989), by Stephen R. Covey.  More recent books in the same market are: The leadership challenge (2007) by Kouzes, & Posner; Reframing Organizations (2008) by Bolman, & Deal; and Shortcuts to Success: Project Management in the Real World (2013), by Elizabeth Harrin.