Celebrity Testimonials

Rob Bryant Celebrity Testimonials

Barbara Bush:

“I am so glad to have this opportunity to send my warmest greetings and congratulations to Rob and Wanice Bryant. Rob’s determination certainly is an enormous inspiration. George joins me in sending our very best wishes.”

Arnold Schwartzenegger:

“Congratulations on your accomplishment of a cross-country trip on a row-cycle. That was a monumental achievement, and I wish to congratulate you on both your mental and physical endurance. I deeply admire what you have done!”

Tom Landry:

“Rob is a coach’s kind of guy, he never quits. Rob set two world records even though he is paralyzed from the waist down. He is a man of faith, and I am looking forward to walking with him in heaven someday.” (Quote from a network program in which Tom Landry hosted.)

Zig Ziglar:

“Rob Bryant is an effective speaker! He had our staff laughing one minute and crying the next. He is an inspirational man who, by example as well as a very effective presentation, is able to give encouragement and hope to those who have the privilege of listening to him. He will be a “hit” with your group. Rob’s message is timely and challenging – one that you will long remember. Rob has a champion’s heart and is an encouragement and inspiration to us all.”

Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., Author & Aerobics Authority:

“Rob I am overwhelmed by your accomplishment in the face of unbelievable obstacles! You are worthy of the highest praise for motivating millions of people to improve their health and fitness.”

Joni Erickson Tada:

“Rob believes that we should never give up! God has given us the ability to either accept our situation, or change it.” (Quote from a broadcast)

“USA Today “, Ben Brown:

“The next time you moan about 20 minutes on an exercise bike, think about Rob Bryant, a 35-year old aerospace engineer, who has just finished a four-month, 3,280 mile workout on an oar-equipped tricycle … Though paralyzed from the waist down, he also pushed and pulled himself with crutches over 24 miles from Fort Worth to Dallas!”

Political Testimonials

George W Bush, President:

“Robert Bryant, thank you for your support and friendship as a charter member (President’s Business Advisor Committee) from Texas.  With your help, we can make America stronger, safer and more prosperous.”

US Senator Robb, Virginia :

“It is an honor to meet you at the US Capitol today. I applaud your courage and motivation to set a Guinness World Record despite your disability. I greet you on behalf of the US Senate and thank you for raising tens of thousands  of dollars for paralysis research. Congratulations for this and I am sure future endeavors.”

US Congressman Roy Dyson, Maryland, Congressional Record 8/2/1990:

“Mr. Speaker, I rise today for Mr. Robert Bryant. I’m sure that all my colleagues will find Mr. Bryant’s accomplishments to be inspiring as I have…..Despite his handicap, Rob just finished a courageous 3,500 mile Row Across America……Mr. Speaker, it is both an honor and pleasure to salute Rob Bryant today. His courage in meeting life’s challenges is an inspiration to all of us.”

US Congressman Pete Geren, Texas, Congressional Record 8/2/1990:

“A tribute to Rob Bryant. Mr. speaker,  strength and perseverance rolled into town this week in the heart of Rob Bryant….. He is living proof of the power found in courage.”

Architect of the US Capitol, George W. White:

“This flag of the United States of America flew over the US Capitol on August 3, 1990 by the request of Honorable Roy Dyson.”

William Donald Schaefer, Governor of Maryland: “It is with great pleasure that I congratulate you. This grueling journey ‘which more than tripled the previous world record, is an outstanding an inspirational achievement. I hope you are as proud of your Maryland roots as we are of you.”

Honorable Kay Granger, Congresswoman of Texas: “I commend you for your past and future accomplishments, your generosity and for being the special person for whom we all have the greatest respect and admiration.”

Bob Bolen, Pres. of National Mayors Assoc., Mayor of Fort Worth, TX: “Whereas Rob Bryant is an example of courage and unselfishness, I do hereby proclaim May 17, 1990 as Rob Bryant Day.”

Annette Strauss, Mayor of Dallas, TX: “On behalf of myself and the Dallas City Council, I do hereby proclaim Thursday, May 24, 1990 as “Row Across America Day.”

Bill Bonner, Mayor of Nashville: I proudly name this day as Rob Bryant Day and applaud his courageous Guinness World Record cross-country trip called the “Row Across America.”.

Others Commendations:

Cody Lambert, 3 Time World Rodeo Champion: “I was delighted to share the spotlight with you on a television special and to meet you personally. You are a world champion in your own right!

Admiral Boecker, US Naval Air Vice Commander: “This book is excellent and provides the reader a real insight into the tremendous amount of stamina, fortitude and faith you have. A real story!”

Chuck Simpson, Lt. Colonel, Commander of the Blue Angels: It was an honor to hear you speak. Please find enclosed a picture of the USAF Thunderbirds signed by every member.

Dan Bannister, President & CEO of DynCorp: “Thank you for speaking at our corporate management meeting. Not only was there record attendance, but it was one of the best presentations we have ever had. You are an inspiration to all of us.”

Lt. General, Jack Prayton, US Army: “Be it known that Mr. Rob Bryant has been declared an honorary member of the 101 Airborne Division and we proudly give this testimonial of our friendship and esteem.”

Kent Waldrep, President of the American Paralysis Association: I thank Rob Bryant for raising tens of thousands for paralysis research.

Rob has spoken over 500 schools, colleges, churches, organizations, clubs and more. Over 200 newspapers, 100 radio stations, 50 TV stations (including every network) and 25 magazines covered Rob’s story. A complete list is available upon request. Other tributes from governors, senators, congressman, generals, admirals and mayors are proudly displayed in Rob Bryant’s office in Cleburne, Tx.