Guaranteed Business Analysis Training

The course pays for itself or Dr. Bryant refunds the difference!

Basic Business Analysis for Managers:

Business Analysis

  • Dr. Bryant is an authority in this topic with a PhD in Business Admin/Org Leadership, MBB in Lean/Six Sigma, examiner for the DoC (Malcolm Baldrige), ISO-9001 lead auditor and motivational messages.
  • This Business Analysis online and instructor-led class, utilizes pre-built Excel formulas, models and tables Every Manager Should Know.
  • No software other than Excel is required. MiniTab will illustrate some of the more involved topics.
  • The course improves service/products/processes and increases customer sat utilizing rudimentary Business Analytics. not requiring previous statistical knowledge.
  • The course can be offered in a schedule that meets your requirements, and worth 1.6 CEUs.
  • Dr. Rob Bryant teaches Business Analytics, Statistics, Leadership, Business, and Management at Villanova and Grand Canyon Universities.

The course includes:

  1. Introduction to Business Analysis
  2. Collecting and Analyzing Data
  3. Data Visualization (Creating graphs, charts and tables)
  4. Numerical Descriptive Statistics (Mean, Mode, Median, Variance, Confidence, etc.)
  5. Probability, Binomial and Poisson Distributions (Predicting future events)
  6. Sample Size & Hypothesis Testing (Applying statistical significance to data)
  7. Simple Linear Regression (Relationship of 2 variables)
  8. Multiple Regression (Relationship of more than 2 variables)
  9. Analysis of Variation (Within and Between group variation)
  10. Chi Square (Proportionality tests)
  11. Capability Analysis (Process capability to meet customer requirements)
  12. Continuous Control Charts (Quantitative charts with control limits)
  13. Attribute Control Charts (Qualitative charts with control limits)
  14. Design of Experiments (How variables affect each other and the goal)
  15. Choose your Quality Model (Students choose the appropriate presentation model)
  16. Present Findings! (Students present their findings/profits using your data)

Course Costs:

  • The cost is $750/student (10 student minimum); or $12,500 for a class up to 25 students.
  • It pays for itself many times over! Students will apply the methods to their own data and create a presentation for your management.
  • If the total student-estimated expected profits (cost reduction or revenue increase), do not exceed the cost of the class, Dr. Bryant will refund the difference!
  • No books necessary.


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