Rob Bryant’s Dissertation in Project Success

PhD Dissertation – $weet $pots of Project $uccess

PhD Dissertation - $weet $pots of Project $uccess


  • Rob is a PhD, and teaches Business Analytics, Statistics, Leadership, and Management at Grand Canyon University.
  • He earned his doctorate with a dissertation called, “The Relationship of Management Support, Cash Incentives, Non-Cash Incentives, and Project Leadership to Project Success in Information Technology Organizations.”


Rob shares his findings leading to the $weet $pots of Project $uccess in a two-hour virtual session with your management. Highlights are as follows:

  • Extreme competition and shrinking profits, creates an environment that prompts U.S. organizations to reduce the costs of project success.
  • There is conflicting evidence as to which is more effective in increasing project success – cash or non-cash incentives.
  • Further contradictory findings exist concerning the effectiveness of management support of projects, and which leadership behaviors add to or detract from project success.
  • This quantitative study utilized a correlation design, multiple regression analysis, and focus on Behaviorism as the theoretical underpinning.
  • Rob shares the statistically significant findings of the relationship between project success and study variables including (a) personalized gifts, (b) informal feedback, (c) when other employees received a non-cash incentive, (d) greater job security, (e) management devotes time to the project, (f) management provides adequate resources, and (g) project leaders show concern for the well-being of others.
  • The U.S. IT related statistically significant conclusions indicate the order of magnitude of the relationships of the independent variables, from greatest to least are (a) non-cash incentives, (b) top management support, (c) non-cash and cash incentives combined, and (d) project leadership. Cash incentives alone contained no statistically significant findings.
  • The cost is $150/attendee or $1,500 for a class up to 30 managers.
  • Each attendee will receive a digital copy of the Dissertation’s amazing findings!
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